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5 Ways to Add Swimming Pool Lighting

Back when my family started building and servicing swimming pools you had one option for swimming pool lighting. A big incandescent light fixture that displayed a yellow light. If you were looking to get some color you would have to attach a big plastic cover over the light to give you the color of your choice.  Boy how times have changed…

Today the possibilities for swimming pool lighting is endless. South County Pool Builders inc. believes at night you should be able to turn your swimming pool into a work of art.  Here are some ideas for lighting when it comes to building you custom swimming pool.

1. Add accent lights to your pool stair. Not only is this good for safety but it can make your swimming pool more inviting.

2. Place led color lights behind water features. This is adds a great effect to your water feature, the light catches the water as it is falling and catches the splashing to the water surface, it really gives your swimming pool a great effect.

3. Install your color lights on a upgraded automation system. When installing your LED lights to a automation system you make it easy to control all your lights from one control. With the Omni logic system by Hayward you can control and program light shows witch allows you to create custom shows for different occasions.

4. Use 12v light. 12v LED have many benefits. They are energy efficient and will save you money on electricity, they are safer then your normal 120v light fixture.

5. The more the merrier.  South County Pools Inc. custom pool are known for not having a shortage of lights, but make sure that you place your lights in the proper place and consult a professional for advice.

If you are looking for a custom built swimming pool or just need some advice on LED pool lighting don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are here for you.

Sean Kosky

South County Pool Builder Inc.


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