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Swimming pool automation evolution!

Let’s talk a little about swimming pool automation.  South County Pool Builders Inc. has 3 generations in the swimming pool industry. When my grandfather was building pools in the 60’s and 70’s in orange county, He could have never imagined the types of swimming pools and swimming pool equipment we would be building and installing in 2017. There have been some amazing changes. I believe the one change that has made the biggest impact on swimming pool accessibility is the new automation systems.

When I first got my start in the swimming pool industry we installed a simple time clock that was controlled by two pins. One pin for on and one pin for off, then you would have to turn the valves by hand to isolate the spa in order to heat the water without heating the whole pool.

Then they came out with the first automation. Man that took a minute to adjust. Now I had to learn about actuator, tempter sensors, low voltage wiring and a host of other unfamiliar components.  But once I learned and started to install them on our new pools I started to see the result. Happy customers… Now our customers can press one button on the inside of their house and the spa would heat up! One button and their pool light would turn on! They can choose the color they want their pool lights to be from their phone or computer!

Now home automation in your swimming pool is par for the course. We can set your automation to run on your smart phone, tablet or computer. So you can turn your spa on from the office and have it warm by the time you get home. We can control your outdoor lighting, sound system, sprinklers and much more from our swimming pool/ outdoor automation systems.

The swimming pool industry is ever evolving. Our swimming pools in general are getting bigger, better, and sleeker and the swimming pool equipment is getting more and more advanced. Make sure you choose a swimming pool contraction company who is changing and evolving with the time.

If you have any questions feel free to give us a call.


Thank You,

Sean Kosky

South County Pool Builder Inc.

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