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Protect your swimming pool in southern California during the rainy season:

Anyone who lives in Southern California  and owns a pool knows that the earth is moving constantly, witch can cause major problems for your deck and your swimming pool.  If you look at your swimming pool you will notice a 1/2″ to 1″ space between the pool coping and the deck. (See image bellow) In that space you will find a rubbery substance, it comes in many different colors. That substance is called mastic, and the space between the coping and the pool deck is called a expansion joint.

In many regions of Southern California, the soil can be very expansive. If excessive water gets under the pool deck, you are in danger of cracked concrete and leaks. Also you are in risk of the pool deck moving towards the pool wall and potentially causing major damage.

What can be done?

The expansion joint we spoke about in the first paragraph is one of the most comin cooperates. So it is VERY important that you keep a close eye on it. If you start to see separation between the mastic and pool deck or cracking in the rubber mastic, get it replaced as soon as possible. If we have a heavy rain the water can get between that joint and start to swell the soil underneath the deck and along the pool shell.

Also keep an eye out for:

Over watering of plants or grass and broken sprinklers as this could have the same effect.

If you can not replace this mastic yourself, call us or your local swimming pool professional. We would be glad to help.

Thank You

Sean Kosky

South County Pool Builder Inc.

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