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Rainy days… How to drain your pool so you don’t flood the house!

Rain storm in Orange County California ?!?

We finally have rain in Orange County, but today we got a little to much rain. Beside building swimming pools we also service them. We have 300+ swimming pools that we service in the orange county area, and today I received about 100 calls of distressed clients worried about there pool flooding the house today. After calming them down, I began to explain how to drain there swimming pool and I soon realized that a lot of their pools did not have a water spicket attached to the return side of there pool equipment. I assure you that if you have South County Pool Builders Inc. build your swimming pool we will not have make this mistake. I decided to write a short description on how to drain your pool, just incase we get another rain storm here in orange county California.
Step 1. Turn Off pump
Step 2. Locate the spicket attached to the return side of your pool equipment (after the pump). If you do not have a spicket contact your pool professional or rent a submersible pump.
pool builder helping homeowner

(Picture of spicket you should look for.)

Step 3. Attach a hose to the spicket or submersible pump and place hose in you p-trap or sewer.

(Draining your pool to the pee trap is the easiest way to the sewer.)

Step 4. Turn on filtration pump or submersible pump.
Step 5. Run pump intil you reach your desired level.
* If you can avoid it DO NOT BACKWASH to drain water unless it is an emergency. Backwashing your pool to drain water put to extra stress on your filter grids.
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