Helpfull tips to save electricity and money

Hi everybody. Are you sick of paying top dollar to the electrical company? Here are a couple helpful tips, so you can save your money and beat the big electrical companies!

Tip #1 Run your pump after 6pm. This is one of the easiest ways to save money on your swimming pool.  Peak hours for electrical companies to make money are between the hours of 6am and 6pm, witch means you pay more per kilowatt. If you run your pump after 6pm you will still be using the same amount of energy but you will be paying less money for each kilowatt.  Please make sure that you continue to run your pump long enough to circulate all the water in your pool. This will keep your water clean and clear. Your pool maintenance person will thank you.

Tip #2 Don’t oversize your pump/motor. A lot of pool builders will install oversized pumps because they do not want to take the time to do the math, so to be incompliance the slap in a 2hp pump when all you need is a 1hp pump. If you have a oversize pump installed now you probably don’t want to change it out intel it goes bad. So what you can do in the mean time is swap out your impeller from a 2hp impeller to a 1hp impeller. This will help you save a little cash.

Tip#3 This is my favorite solution to you energy bill crisis. Install a variable speed pump. Variable speed pumps will save you money in numerous ways.  You can change the speeds on the pump to run at a low speed witch will lower the watt’s and you can raise the speed for short amounts of time to get your pool cleaner running or get better flow to the spa. You can save up to 90%  energy consumption in some cases. Most cases you should realistically see about 55% to 60%. On top of that most energy companies will provide a rebate up to $200.00. To get a calculation of your savings on a VS Pump follow this link I recommend the Hayward Tri-Star VS.

For more info on energy savings or to get a quote on installing a new veriable speed pump give us a call or fill out the contact forum.

Thank You

Sean Kosky

South County Pool Builders Inc.